2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E: The Electric Pony

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If you thought electric vehicles were all about tofu burgers and saving the whales, well, you’re in for a shock.

It can be a little confusing when you sit behind the wheel of the 2022 Ford Mach-E for a test drive at Gary Crossley Ford especially if you were expecting a staid little grocery-getter that helps the environment and maybe saves you a little money since you won’t be pumping gas ever again.

What’s confusing is when you hit the accelerator (oops almost called it the gas), when you hit the accelerator, the Mach-E goes. 

Like it goes. NOW. Quickly. Really quickly.

I-hope-you-got-your-coffee-in-the-cup-holder-before-I-strapped-a-rocket-to-your-back-and-pressed-the-plunger quickly. 

Roadrunner style. Meep meep!

  • 3.5 seconds 0-60 mph acceleration
  • 305-mile range
  • MSRP $42,895

The acceleration itself is confusing enough. That’s a lot G’s, but while you’re shooting out of the gate from a dead stop like there’s a drag strip light tree in front of you, while you’re taking curves like this rocketship was on rails, while you’re grinning from ear to ear, the new all-electric Mustang Mach E is filling your earholes with the familiar rumble and roar of pure American V8 muscle.


Yup. Ford pipes in realistic, fully-synchronized V8 engine noise through killer Bang & Olufsen speakers. The faster you go, the louder it gets. 

Because America.

Of course, there’s a WHISPER button you can push and slice through night curves in near-total silence. That’d probably be OK.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a go-getter, to be sure, but it’s an attention-grabber too

There’s no confusion about what people are staring at as you drive by. They’re staring at you and your Mustang

They’re staring, for one, because while you’re grinning like a crazy person feeling every bit of the piped-in V8 rumble all they can hear is the slightest little electric whir as you speed by. The rumble is for your benefit only.

The Mustang Mach-E doesn’t need any American thunder to claim its pony car heritage. Ford has the iconic Mustang pony badging front and center, and back and center, and when you walk up to the Mach E in dim light it draws the logo in light on the ground by both passenger and driver side doors.

Even without the logo, The Mach-E screams muscle. Parked in front of a frozen yogurt storefront it just looks antsy. Reared back on its haunches looking for any excuse to giddyup and go. 

What it doesn’t look like is another electric econobox designed to get you from point A to B with minimum excitement and adrenaline.

People notice, and you better get used to them wanting to talk to you about it. They will.

It’s got room for a couple of six-packs where you could have had a V8.

So the big question is if it looks like a Mustang and it drives like a Mustang, and it even sounds like a Mustang with a big ol’ hunk of American metal under the hood, what’s actually under the hood?

The frunk, of course.

FRont trUNK. How cute.

Ford caved to market pressure and ditched the two-word front trunk description in favor of what the customers wanted. We want the frunk.

In the space where the V8 engine you hear would have been if the Mach-E wasn’t electric, Ford placed an organized storage bin with dividers to keep all your stuff separate from your other stuff and a drainage plug so you can throw in some ice and beverages for a party in the parking lot.

The Mach-E is the reverse mullet. The frunk makes it all party in the front, but it’s all business in the back with room for groceries, sports gear, or whatever stuff you need to carry around because Americans may love the thrill of a sportscar, we may revel in the heritage and history of an American icon like the Mustang, and we like when people stop to look at our pretty ride, but seriously, we’ve got a lot of stuff to carry around.

Gary Crossley Ford in Kansas City has Missouri’s best deals on the Ford Mach-E Electric SUV.

If you’re ready to throw a big of ice in the frunk, throw all your gear in the back, and see just how quick this Mach-E is, reach out to any team member at Gary Crossley Ford to schedule a test drive today.



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