This is Why the F-150 Lighting is the Greatest Trunk-or-Treating Vehicle of All-Time

Greatest Truck Or Treat Ford F150 Lightning

Back in our day, parents would send us kids out in the world alone on Halloween night dressed in a highly flammable, 100% polyester costume with a solid plastic mask that was impossible to breathe in much less see out of. They’d let us wander the city streets unsupervised, knocking on strangers’ doors and begging for candy. 

We also had a set of lawn darts so maybe they didn’t like us as much as they said they did.

These days many safety-conscious parents are ding-dong ditching the trick-or-treating traditions and opting for a Halloween activity that feels less likely to end with an All Hallows Eve visit to the emergency room: Trunk or Treating.

Trunk or treating keeps today’s kids in a more contained environment and all they have to do is wander from car to car saying “Trunk or treat!”

Free Trunk-or-Treating in Historic Downtown Liberty from 5 pm to 7 pm on Halloween

If you’re looking for a little more control over what ends up in your kid’s little plastic pumpkin this year, swing by Downtown Liberty. Participating businesses will be outside thor storefronts handing out candy to children and frightening passers-by.

Last year’s trunk or treaters went home with goodies from Anna Marie’s Teas, Brant’s Clothing, D’Agee & Co. Florist, GM Peters Insurance, Historic Downtown Liberty, Inc., James Country Mercantile, La Costa Mexicana, Lil’ Munchkins Children’s Boutique, Main Street Goods and Goodies, Mama and Me Children’s Boutique, More Excuses Boutique, Mulberry Street Mortgage, Quilting Is My Therapy, textured.decor, Whiteside Jewelry, and Wingz & More.

Or try Frunk or Treating in your neighborhood with the Ford F150 Lightning.

Many neighborhoods, churches, and community organizations elsewhere around Kansas City are organizing parents into private trunk-or-treating events. And as usual, some parents are taking it very, very seriously seeing who can create the scariest, most elaborate, over-the-top vehicle decorations you can imagine. Their vehicles are turned into horror movie scenes and haunted house tableaux.

At Gary Crossley Ford, we’d like to humbly recommend the all-electric Ford F150 Lightning as the starting point for your trunk or treating masterpiece.

With a five-and-a-half-foot bed and up to 10,000 pounds in towing capacity, you could bring along a full-size Hollywood movie,  a dragon’s lair, or an entire forsaken home for the criminally insane.

Ford F-150 Lightning Frunk

The F150 Lightning has got the juice because…. It’s electric. 

The Pro Power Onboard system lets you plug the smoke machines, the animatronic skeletons, and of course, the strobe lights directly into your truck. No generator means no noise. You can sit in the darkness and the silence waiting for small unsuspecting children to wander close by and then BOOM! light them up with 10 thousand watts of sheer bladder-loosening terror… if you’re into that sort of thing.

Best of all, there’s no motor under the hood of the F150 Lightning. The trunk is in the front – We’ve got the frunk! Gotta have the frunk. 

Technically, it’s the Mega Power Frunk. It’ll charge your phone and hold 400 pounds of bite-size chocolate candy or two full-grown bodies… allegedly.

The frunk is drainable and waterproof. We’ve heard unsubstantiated stories of folks bobbing for apples in the Mega Power Frunk. Please, if you’re doing that, we need photographic evidence.

This Halloween experience the Crossley Difference

Whether you need a new trunk before the big night, or you just want to escape those scary high gas prices Kansas City saw this summer, swing by Gary Crossley Ford in Liberty. We’ll help you find the right ride at the right price. 

One that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Bwaahaahaaahahaha!



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