Ford F-150 Lightning Leads the Pack in the Electric Truck Race

Ford F-150 Lightning truck EV

In the realm of emerging electric pickup trucks, the Ford F-150 Lightning has maintained its status as the prime choice among buyers. Its position as one of the most sought-after electric pickups in the United States has remained unshaken throughout the entirety of 2022. And now, reinforcing its appeal, a recent study conducted by Cox Automotive reaffirms that the F-150 Lightning still reigns supreme in terms of buyer preference, outshining its competition. 

Ford Lightning Electric EV truck

This insightful survey, carried out during the months of July and August 2023, engaged potential buyers who were actively considering an electric pickup truck purchase within the next two years. Respondents were probed about their opinions on various aspects, including projected driving range, on-road performance, design aesthetics, and pricing. Among these prospective buyers, a notable 67 percent expressed their openness to considering the Ford F-150 Lightning, clearly surpassing both Ram and Chevy options. It’s worth noting that, except for the Rivian R1T, none of the other contenders in this segment have yet reached dealership lots or reached the hands of customers. The GM twins are projected to join the fray later this year. 

Ford Lightning Electric EV truck

Vanessa Ton, the Senior Manager of Market and Customer Research at Cox Automotive, shared her perspective on this phenomenon, stating, “Given the long-standing dominance of Ford’s full-size pickup truck, it’s not surprising that the F-150 Lightning has a head start in the competition. Our ongoing studies underscore the significance of brand reputation, particularly in the full-size pickup truck category where brand loyalty often runs deep and strong. This reality poses a unique challenge for newcomers like Tesla and Rivian who are venturing into the pickup market for the first time.” 

Ford Lightning Electric EV truck

For those captivated by the allure of the Ford F-150 Lightning, there’s encouraging news on the affordability front. The 2023 model comes with a notably reduced price tag compared to its 2022 predecessor, even though the earlier version has also benefited from substantial markdowns. In a noteworthy move, Ford has introduced incentives aimed at eligible purchasers of the F-150 Lightning. This strategic approach marks the first time Ford has offered such incentives since the vehicle’s launch. As the production of this electric pickup is set to ramp up significantly after a period of constrained availability, it’s only natural that Ford, often referred to as The Blue Oval, has decided to extend more attractive incentives to potential buyers in recent times. 

Ford Lightning Electric EV truck

The Ford F-150 Lightning’s continued reign as the top choice in the electric pickup arena underscores its appeal, affordability enhancements, and the formidable brand loyalty that Ford has cultivated over the years. As the competition gears up, the F-150 Lightning stands tall, capturing the imagination of American consumers who are eagerly embracing the electrified future of pickup trucks. 



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