8 Things to Know About the Upcoming Ford F-150 Electric Version

By now, we all know that the future for the vehicles we drive for pleasure and work is electric. While other manufacturers are scrambling to develop their lineups, the best-selling truck in American is being readied for release in the form of the Ford F-150 Electric, and we’re here to share some details with you.

8 Things to Know About the Upcoming Ford F-150 Electric Version

1. Incredible Range from an Advanced Battery

The standard truck can achieve an EPA-estimated range of an impressive 230 miles on one charge. Alternatively, you can choose the available extended range battery option that gives you up to 300 miles of capacity.

The lithium battery pack is housed between the vehicle’s frame rails, so it doesn’t take valuable internal or load space. A custom Ford exoskeleton protects the battery from damage when offroading, so you can treat the vehicle just as you would a regular truck.

2. Two Motors for All Wheel Drive

The advanced design from Ford provides two separate motors, one front, one rear, to provide controlled all-wheel drive for the vehicle.

Intelligent systems control the power and instantaneously deliver impressive torque to all four wheels for optimal control.

3. Independent Rear Suspension

To reduce body roll, create a smooth ride and deliver precision handling, the truck comes with an advanced independent rear suspension system with aluminum-alloy control arms.

4. Available 15.5 Inch Touchscreen Control System

The incredible, large touchscreen option gives drivers a clear place for communications, entertainment, and vehicle information. There’s voice recognition included so you can access the vital functions while keeping both hands on the wheel.

5. Ford Home Backup Power

In the event of a power outage at home, you can turn your new truck into an incredible backup supply system. Connected to the Ford Charge Station Pro, your vehicle can power an average home’s electricity usage for up to three days from one battery charge.

6. Over the Air Software Updates

You don’t need to worry about taking your truck to the dealer for any updates or modifications to its control systems. Updates from Ford are automatically downloaded and installed wirelessly while you sleep.

7. Intelligent Power My Trip Navigation

As part of the onboard systems, the intelligent navigation system factors in your vehicle’s charge and will, as necessary, incorporate compatible charging points along the journey for you to visit.

Intelligent range computation constantly advises you of your expected current range, factoring in road conditions, weather and traffic so you’ll never be caught out.

8. Built to the F Series Tradition

This electric truck might be new, but it’s designed and manufactured to the same “Built Ford Tough” standards of all other vehicles in the series. You can be sure that it will be just as capable of moving loads and towing as before but will also come with the added benefits from being one of the most advanced electric vehicles available.

For more information on this revolutionary truck, come and see us at Gary Crossley Ford. We’ll be delighted to take you through the features of this exciting vehicle and arrange a test drive as soon as possible.


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