Whipple Whips Out 7.3L Godzilla Supercharger Kit On Market

Whipple 7.3l Godzilla Supercharger Kit
What is more fitting than a Wimbledon White Whipple supercharger in a 2020-2022 Ford F-250?

The 7.3-liter Godzilla engine has remained slightly dormant in the aftermarket scene since its creation. While slow to the take, Ford’s 445 cubic-inch engine has started to gain the notoriety that we’re all hoping for. At the present time you can purchase intake manifolds, oil pans, timing gear, and valve covers from a handful of companies. However, that is where the list stopped until recently.

Whipple 7.3L Godzilla Supercharger Kit

Whipple Superchargers just announced it is accepting orders for its 3.0-liter Gen 5 twin-screw supercharger and intercooler kit designed for the 2020-2022 Ford F250, where the Godzilla engine resides. Even better, Whipple sells the package in a hot rod kit that removes the vehicle specific parts and satisfies the gear head who swapped this stout engine into the chassis of their choice.

If you’re looking to add performance and increase towing capabilities to your F-250, then the Whipple kit is the perfect addition to your three-quarter ton truck. The kit is compatible with single or dual alternators and dual battery configuration. The kit includes a high-flow cold air intake, billet aluminum throttle body, single-piece intercooler lid, modular 5-bolt supercharger pulley and hub, and a pair billet aluminum -8 AN fuel rails. To complete this vehicle specific kit, the Whipple Tomahawk engine calibrator is included. Best of all, the kit is 50-State emissions legal.

Whipple removed a few vehicle specific parts including the air intake, heat exchanger, intercooler pump, hoses, wiring, fuel injectors and PCM calibrator to create the ultimate DIY supercharger kit for any newly rehomed 7.3-liter Godzilla engines. This will provide the gear head with a supercharger unit, fuel rails, adapter for stock throttle body and six-rib belt system. You can even upgrade to the 132mm throttle body and a 10-rib belt system for race applications.

Now for the fun. After the engine and transmission calibration was developed and tested alongside Ford, the F-250’s 7.3-liter engine made 700 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel. This was done with only 10 psi of boost and still running pump 93! To back its products, Whipple has an optional three-year 36,000 mile powertrain warranty coverage available. So, if producing a sleeper F-250 or roasting the tires off a much lighter chassis is your forte, then head to Whipple Superchargers and place your order today.

Source: Ford Muscle



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