Underground Graphics Now Selling Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Decals

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New Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer graphics kit packs loads of retro appeal in one seriously nifty package.

Most of us that were around in the 1990s have a soft spot in our hearts for the Eddie Bauer trim that adorned multiple Blue Oval vehicles, including the Ford Bronco. At one time, Ford’s collaboration with the outdoor clothing brand signified the top of the line in terms of trim levels, a luxurious and well-appointed vehicle for discerning owners. Things have changed a lot since then, but we still love those vehicles, and that’s probably why we’re digging this new Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer decal kit from Underground Graphics.

Underground Graphics Now Selling Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Decals

This Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer decal kit is precut, made from 3M IJ180MC wrap vinyl, and laminated with 3M 8518 high performance gloss. However, it isn’t terribly easy to install, according to the company that makes it, and takes around 5-6 hours to apply. Regardless, it truly looks worth the effort (or the money, if you have it professionally installed), providing a retro two-tone striped look to the modern Bronco, which itself is inspired by the past.

The Eddie Bauer kit will work in conjunction with Wildtrak Broncos equipped with factory decals, and Underground will also work with customers to design custom color options. It notes that the stripes look best on darker colored vehicles, which makes sense, though they are available for both two- and four-door models. On its own personal example – an Eruption Green two-door – the look is simply perfect, to us, because green was always the best Eddie Bauer color in our humble opinion.

Underground Graphics Now Selling Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Decals

The fact that this kit is so customizable makes it pretty appealing, especially given the broad array of colors available for the sixth-generation Bronco. This Eruption Green model utilizes cream and burnt orange accents, but Underground notes that it can also do white and sky blue for Velocity Blue SUVs, or even white with Cactus Gray. The sky is quite literally the limit, even if installation costs must be factored in on top of the kit’s $495 retail price. Then again, that’s a small price to pay for such a unique, retro, and beloved look.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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