Two Artists Create Wicked Bronco DR Inspired F-150 Raptor R Race Truck

Bronco Dr Inspired F 150 Raptor R Race Truck
Trophy trucks and the Bronco DR provided inspiration for these amazing F-150 Raptor R race truck renderings.

As most Ford fans are well aware by now, the V8 will be making a triumphant comeback in Ford’s hardcore off-road-focused pickup later this year when the F-150 Raptor R comes to fruition packing the supercharged Predator from the Shelby GT500. That idea obviously excites a lot of folks, including a pair of artists – Ash Thorp and Carlos Pecino, who have been collaborating on a series of projects they call “Make Haste Corp.” The latest fruit of this partnership is a wicked-looking F-150 Raptor R race truck that takes inspiration from the real-life Bronco DR racer.

Ford Bronco DR at the Bronco Off Roadeo in Nevada
Ford Bronco DR at the Bronco Off Roadeo in Nevada

Throp and Pecino’s version of the F-150 Raptor R goes full pre-runner/trophy truck with a host of modifications on the outside, including an ultra-wide body with a totally custom front end containing a thin tubular bumper, a large skid plate, and LED lighting both in the grille and above the windshield. The ultra-wide body covers a set of smooth black wheels wrapped with meaty BFGoodrich rubber, giving this Raptor a stance that’s every bit as menacing as its overall appearance.

Artist Created Wicked Bronco DR Inspired F-150 Raptor R Race Truck

There are plenty of features here that scream “race track,” including the full roll cage, deleted tailgate, heavily modified hood, side exhaust, and lots of exposed, hardcore suspension bits and pieces. Air intakes located throughout the body are intended to provide cooling for the brakes and powerplant, while there’s a fuel cell out back intended to hold up to the rigors of off-roading. The result is a series of renderings depicting a truck that looks like it could very well be real, and yet, it’s also deeply rooted in fantasy.

Artist Created Wicked Bronco DR Inspired F-150 Raptor R Race Truck

Thorp actually owns a second-gen F-150 Raptor, and admittedly loves that truck, which served as the inspiration for this build, along with the Bronco DR and Ken Block‘s own trophy truck. But to us, his concept of what an F-150 Raptor R racer might look like is way cooler. Now, we just need him or someone else to actually build it.

Photos: Ash Thorp and Carlos Pecino

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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