Stunning 1979 Ford F-350 Restomod Goes Wild at Auction, Sells for $220K

1979 Ford F 350 Restomod
This amazing 1979 Ford F-350 restomod is the latest to sell for muscle and sports car money.

It was just a few years ago that we could rock up to any classic car sales site or auction and purchase a pretty nice old Ford truck for a reasonable sum. Things have changed dramatically in recent years, however, and we’re beginning to see stellar examples selling for far more than six figures. It certainly seems crazy, but the market hasn’t let up one bit. Case in point – this gorgeous 1979 Ford F-350 restored just hammered at Mecum’s Indy auction for an incredible $220,000.

1979 Ford F-350 Restomod

There’s no denying this truck’s many appealing qualities, regardless of price. This 1979 Ford F-350 restored is perhaps the perfect modernized classic, touting a very retro look on the outside with an attractive blue and silver two-tone paint job, custom Detroit Steel wheels with FoMoCo hubcaps, and massive 37-inch tires. The vintage pickup has a menacing stance thanks to that large set of rubber and the fact that the whole truck rides on a 2004 Dodge 3500 one-ton frame.

1979 Ford F-350 Restomod

As is usually the case with these sorts of swaps, that also means that this Blue Oval pickup is powered by that Dodge’s Cummins diesel, which is mated to an automatic transmission. There are a few notable bits and pieces under the hood, including a custom aluminum Mishimoto intercooler, a custom aluminum radiator, and custom-built charge piping. On the bright side, the modern diesel should make this old truck quite reliable.

As one might expect, the interior of this 1979 F-350 is every bit as nice – if not nicer – than the outside. Hopping in via a set of AMP Research lighted power running boards, one will notice that pretty much everything in the cabin has been replaced, including the headliner, seats, leather-wrapped dash and door panels, and steering wheel. Two-tone leather buckets were added, along with a center console, Retro stereo, woodgrain trim, and Dakota Digital gauges.

1979 Ford F-350 Restomod

The end result is one amazing restored model pickup, but we can’t imagine dishing out $220k for it, regardless. But then again, six-figure plus trucks are becoming more of the norm than the exception, with fine builds like this now selling for the same kind of money as big dollar muscle and sports cars.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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