Should You Paint or Wrap Your Vehicle? Crossley Customs Has Your Answer.

Car Being Wrapped
Cost? Looks? Durability? Crossley Customs can help you decide between painting and wrapping your ride.

The truth is if you’re trying to decide between having your vehicle painted and having a vinyl wrap installed instead, the only possible honest answer is: it depends. It depends on you

Is it cheaper to wrap my car or paint it?

You’re probably going to be able to get a simple, one-coat, economical paint job cheaper than you can get a basic wrap. If money is the primary issue, paint is probably your answer.

But if you require multiple coats, you’ve selected a high-end paint, like a matte finish, chrome, or color shifting paint, or if you’re looking for anything other than a plain-jane, new coat of paint, odds are pretty good that a wrap is going to be dramatically less expensive.

“Paint is better quality and more permanent, and usually MUCH more expensive and time-consuming,” says Nick Sherman of Crossley Customs

All the cool kids are getting their cars wrapped, though

“Wraps have endless options of texture, colors, and designs that would cost an arm and a leg to duplicate in paint,” says Nick.

The possibilities are unlimited with a wrap. If your mind can conceive it,

Nick and the pros at Crossley Customs can achieve it. 

If you just opened a new cookie shop in Blue Springs and you want your 5-year-old SUV to be transformed into a giant, rolling snickerdoodle billboard… with sprinkles. That ain’t no thing. We got you.

If you want your 10-year-old tuner to look… wait for it… legendary. Crossley Customs can candy coat it in a color-shifting vinyl wrap with wicked cool flames… or a dragon if you’re into that sort of thing.

Maybe you’ve got a big truck with big wheels, and you want your big truck camo’d out in matte green and black. We can do that too.

Nothing last forever, and changing your mind is your prerogative

“The best part about wraps,” says Nick, “is if you get bored of your current design you can always completely change it or put it back to factory before you sell it.”

Crossley Customs can help you no matter which option you choose, painting or wrapping, but Nick is biased. He’s partial to wraps so much so that when it came time to put a new finish on his old beater truck “Underdog” he chose to cover it in a matte wrap. It doesn’t look much like a beater now.

“The wrap over this truck TOTALLY changed the look of the vehicle for pennies on the dollar,” he says.

Come Experience The Crossley Difference

We love cars. We love trucks. And we love the people who love cars and trucks. At Crossley Customs, we would love to hear about your project. We’ll help you decide whether it needs painting or wrapping, and figure out the best way to make your vision a reality.

How can we help you turn your old beater into the ride of your dreams?



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