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lifted F-350 truck

Life’s too short to drive an ugly truck.


Seriously. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Every day you spend behind the wheel of an ugly truck is one less day in the sun, and you only get so many trips around her. Don’t waste one more.


Whatever you want your truck to be. However, you want your truck to look. However, you want the darn thing to sound. We can build it at Crossley Customs Performance and Speed Shop if you can dream it up.

lifted ford truck

Crossley Customs Performance and Speed Shop is Kansas City’s one-stop shop for custom truck accessories

“It’s almost easier to tell you what we don’t do,” chuckles Nick Sherman who heads up Crossley Customs, the aftermarket performance parts & accessories division of Gary Crossley Ford in Liberty, Missouri.

He then goes on to explain that basically, he’s Santa Clause.

You don’t have to sit in his lap or anything, but go ahead and start writing your letter: Dear St. Nick, This year for my truck, I’d like to get…

And then go wild filling in the blank. From mudflaps and window tint to protective bed liners and ceramic coatings to monster truck starter kits with full-blown lift, big ol’ knobby tires, and a 700-horsepower supercharger.

Yeah, we can do that.

You don’t have to buy a new truck to have a great truck

If you’re driving an ugly truck now, stop what you’re doing and listen to this:

Your mojo ain’t working right, is it? 

Crossley Customs can put the pep back in your step. Let’s run your old beater through the imagination station and see what we can come up with!


New paint?

Maybe a wrap?

Yeah, definitely a wrap.

We have the technology to turn your old truck into a truck that turns heads

lifted ford truck

Come Experience The Crossley Difference

We love it when folks drive in off the streets with a makeover project, but as a part of the Gary Crossley Ford family, most of the work we do is putting the cherry on top of our customer’s car buying experience.

In one of the automotive world’s most innovative customer experience architectures, the last person you see at Gary Crossley Ford is Santa Clause.

Ol’ St. Nick himself.

Nick’s job is to make sure that every customer leaves the dealership 100% happy with the experience they had and the vehicle they purchased. If you ain’t first, you’re last, and if ain’t 5 stars, we ain’t done yet.

In this crazy, mixed-up chip shortage, supply-chain, inventory crisis rigamarole we find ourselves in, some customers find that something as simple as the computer chip for a backup camera can delay the delivery of their truck for  5 or 6 months.

But then it’s St. Nick Sherman to the rescue

“Hey, look, we can order your vehicle, but we can do the backup camera after the fact through Crossley Customs. You’ll probably pay about the same if not less, and you won’t have to wait on your build to get done.”

That’s what we do. 

Whatever it takes to make every customer happy every single time.

That’s the Crossley Difference



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