Converted Ford F-450 Perfect for Zombie Apocalypse Getaways

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This solar-equipped, off-grid Ford F-450 modified truck/camper provides comfort while roughing by fighting off the undead in the zombie apocalypse.

Fleeing from the walking dead just got a whole lot easier. Zombie apocalypse-themed shows have waned in popularity as of late, but a key takeaway is the critical need for reliable transportation. Enter the self-sufficient EarthRoamer. Based on the F-450 chassis, the all-season, off-grid camper requires no utility hookups, making it the perfect solution for evading the brain-hungry hoards.

Converted Ford F-450

Stocked Treks

Since 2003, EarthRoamer has been building luxury getaway trucks at their facility in Dacono, Colorado. The concept began in 1998, with company founder Bill Swails. As an avid wildlife photographer, he was looking for a camper that was capable, comfortable, and stocked with water and fuel for extended treks into the backcountry. Finding nothing suitable on the market, he decided to make one.

Converted Ford F-450

Luxury Terrain

Swails began his concept-camper using a Dodge Ram donor, but soon realized the error of his ways and switched to the Ford F-450 chassis. The finished machine was christened the EarthRoamer XV-LT. The XV stood for ‘Xpedition Vehicle’ and the LT for ‘Luxury Terrain,’ as a way to differentiate his backcountry camper from traditional Recreational Vehicles or RVs.

Converted Ford F-450

Deal Generation

The model shown here is a Cummins-powered, 2005 EarthRoamer LT-V. Up for auction with Bring a Trailer, the deluxe rig garnered a high bid of $130,000 but did not meet its reserve. While the price may seem high, it is a deal compared to brand new units. Now built on the F-550 platform, the latest generation of EarthRoamers start at $695,000.

Converted Ford F-450

Equipped Modifications

Service records for the EarthRoamer LT-V show that a 5.9-liter Cummins inline-six replaced the stock Powerstroke in 2017. Modifications to the Cummins included Mahle pistons, a Hamilton camshaft, and a compound turbocharger setup, in addition to billet input and mid-shafts for the OEM transmission. The truck is also equipped with a Pacbrake exhaust brake and twin Optima Yellowtop starting batteries.

Smooth Experience

Self-sufficiency is built into the versatile EarthRoamer. The camper’s electrical duties are handled by an 875-watt solar array, a 2,000-watt AC inverter, and a pair of 255 amp-hour house batteries. While in the backcountry, contact with civilization can be maintained via an onboard cellular-based Wi-Fi. Air-equipped suspension helps to smooth bumpy trails, while also leveling the truck for comfort-packed camping.

Converted Ford F-450

Camper Conditioning

In 2018, the insulated honeycomb coach shell was stripped, repaired, and refinished. New windows were installed, along with a dual-pane motorized skylight that doubles as an escape hatch. The rear compartment includes an over-cab sleeping area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower. The all-season camper is heated via a diesel heater and cooled by a retro-fitted air conditioning system.

Converted Ford F-450

Comfort Sign

Whether escaping societal collapse or just finding solace away from crowds, the EarthRoamer is a perfect choice. Overland expedition trucks have gained popularity in the recent past. Swails’ EarthRoamer company began with just two employees, but now numbers over ninety. It could be a sign of the times, or just the desire for a bit of comfort while roughing it.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts


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