1953 Ford COE and Model A Make the Perfect Combo

1953 Ford Coe And Model A

Best of Both Worlds

There’s just something undeniably charming about an old Ford cab-over-engine, or COE. With a big, flat front face and the freedom to use it for pretty much any purpose, the COE has become a popular hot rod in recent years, too. But why not have both, as is the case with this 1953 Ford COE owned by Dan Hogan of Hogie Shine’s, which was recently featured over at Ford Daily.

1953 Ford COE and Model A

Matching Pair

Hogan already had a 1930 Ford Model A coupe that had been transformed into a serious rat rod/hot rod/street rod and needed something to haul it around in. Thus, enter the COE – an F-750 that has been completely overhauled and is now every bit as show-worthy as the car it hauls around on a regular basis.

1953 Ford COE and Model A

Diesel Power

To ensure that it’s capable of hauling pretty much anything, Hogan fitted his big COE with a 12-valve Cummins diesel, which breaths through 6-inch chrome stacks. The powerplant is otherwise essentially stock, save for a custom air intake with a K&N air filter.

1953 Ford COE and Model A

Riding in Comfort

The interior is all custom as well, providing a bit of luxury while Hogan is cruising to the next car show. He’ll do that in total comfort thanks to the truck’s Dodge truck chassis with a four-link rear, as well as an air suspension. 

1953 Ford COE and Model A

Fully Functional

The COE rolls on a set of 22.5-inch Alcoa wheels that were cut down to 22 inches with holes that Hogan enlarged. Out back, an Optima battery and winch are capable of getting his old hot rod loaded up on the flat bed, which tilts to make that process easier. 

1953 Ford COE and Model A

Showstopping Paint

Hogan then sprayed his COE the same Scion XB Gold color present on his Model A, which also has a bit of patina to it. Hogan does this sort of work in his paint and body shop, whether it be simple resprays or total custom, showstopping jobs such as this.

Closer Look

The result of all that work is one seriously cool combo that’s sure to attract attention everywhere it goes. Hogan’s Model A is certainly worthy of attention in its own regard, but when it rolls up on the back of a cool, matching COE, who can possibly resist taking a closer look?

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiast

Photos: Ford Daily



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