The Liberty Hospital Half Marathon/Jewell 5K is Back and Everyone’s Excited

Liberty Hospital Half Marathon/jewel 5k
Our very own Liberty North High School junior & #MyKCFord marketing intern, Camey Crossley, discovers how excited the Liberty, MO community is excited for the return of the Liberty Hospital Half Marathon/Jewel 5K.

By Camey Crossley, Junior at Liberty North High School

Over the last two years, we have all faced lots of disappointing cancellations because of COVID-19, but I’m happy to say that looking into 2022 it seems like things are starting to be rescheduled. This includes the Liberty Hospital half marathon/ Jewell 5k, scheduled for March 26th! This year there are three different sections to the race that can fit anyone’s pace. The Liberty Hospital Half Marathon starts at 8 a.m. The Jewell 5k, which starts at 8:45 a.m. and the pint-size Patriot run for the kiddos that starts at 9:45 a.m, the race will begin and end at William Jewell College and take you all throughout Liberty, including a loop around Liberty Hospital and Liberty’s Historic downtown. Everyone who signs up for the race gets medals and a tee-shirt, in my opinion, that’s a good enough reason to go! During and after the race you’ll get lots of refreshments as well as some giveaways from sponsors.

If running isn’t your thing, you can still support the race. Sign up online to volunteer, the race relies on hundreds of volunteers of all ages to help with everything from parking to medal handouts! 

 Liberty Hospital Half Marathon/Jewel 5K

  I’ve never been to the race myself, but I asked around and tried to learn as much as I could about this awesome event. I learned my friend and fellow student Ryan Smith has gone to the race for the last few years. He told me that it’s one of his favorite yearly activities and he’s so excited it’s back after last year’s cancellation. It’s a great environment and he gets to spend some time with his family. I asked him if it was really intense, he told me that It just depends. Lots of people go all out and have some really fast times, but plenty of people just do it for fun. There are always tons of families with kids in strollers and some people even dress up. This race is for people of all ages and can be fun for the most intense runner or for someone like me, who’d rather just walk! 

Then I got to wondering, where does all of the race money go? One of my friends, Grace Castle, has attended the race throughout the years so I decided to ask her. She told me that most of the money you spend to sign up goes to the Liberty Hospital Foundation. The Foundation supports many aspects of the Liberty hospital and its community. They have programs like Kyleigh’s Gift, a walking trail, the treehouse, student scholarships, and so many more Amazing programs. The Treehouse is one of the best programs that Liberty Hospital Foundation provides. The Treehouse allows for families who have loved one’s staying at the hospital to have a Comfortable and free place to stay. The treehouse has 10 bedrooms and helps around 2,500 people a year! Grace told me that the Liberty Hospital Foundation relies on donations and fundraisers like the Liberty Hospital half marathon to keep and fund all of their programs. Just another reason to lace up your shoes and sign up for the race! 

 Liberty Hospital Half Marathon/Jewel 5K

Since learning more about the race I’m happy to say that Gary Crossley Ford is a proud sponsor. We are so excited to support this race and I hope everyone who attends the race has a great time. I can see why everyone is so excited about this year’s race! It’s super fun and it goes to a great cause, who wouldn’t want to go!? So if you’re looking for something fun to do this spring consider going to the Liberty Hospital Half Marathon!



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