Gary Crossley Ford Brings Virtual Reading Party to Kansas City YMCA Head Start Programs


Last year’s pandemic shutdowns and this year’s return to the classroom have left many educators reeling, struggling to reinvent the learning experience, and having to do much more with much less.

This Wednesday, November 3rd, #MyKCFord is throwing a free Virtual Reading Party for the Head Start programs at 5 YMCAs across Kansas City.

300 local students are expected to participate in the reading party thanks to The Ford Fund’s First Book Program.

Ford has contributed $600,000 and provided books and educational supplies for 130,000 students so far.

On Wednesday, students will hear from the program’s champion Elena Ford and author Stacy McAnulty who will read from her book Sun! One In A Billion and then answer questions about the sun, its formation, and its history.

Stacy McAnulty is a former mechanical engineer and an award-winning children’s author who brings science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematic topics to younger students in a lively, entertaining way.

“I love science. I love math. And I LOVE stories! I don’t believe these things must orbit in different solar systems. In my books and in my presentations, I aim to entertain, spark curiosity, and nurture a love of reading,” says Stacy.

Kansas City YMCA’s Head Start programs focus on school readiness for pre-k aged students and family wellness to help ensure every student has the best opportunity for educational success.

The early years play a huge role in the healthy development of our youth and in the future of Kansas City. Gary Crossley Ford and The Ford Fund’s First Book Program are excited to bring the Virtual Reading Party, along with free books and supplies, to support the YMCA Head Start programs’ efforts.

#FordGivesBack #BooksToKids



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