5 Signs Your Vehicle’s Alternator Needs to Repaired or Replaced

Alternator Repair Cost

Your alternator has a big job to perform every time you drive. It helps your battery keep all the electrical components of your vehicle running smoothly, so getting a timely alternator repair when something goes wrong is vital. Visit Crossley Quick Lane or the service department at Gary Crossley Ford when something goes wrong with your alternator.

1. Electrical Issues

The alternator charges your battery while you’re driving, and in turn, your battery powers your electrical components. If your electrical components start acting strangely, then you may have an alternator issue.

It’s usually the minor electrical accessories that start malfunctioning first. You’ll notice that your seat warmers or power windows stop working. Get your alternator fixed as soon as these parts stop working, as larger and more important components in your vehicle will start malfunctioning if you neglect to fix the alternator.

2. Headlight Issues

Bad vehicle headlights

Your headlights will stop working correctly if you don’t fix your alternator in time. There are lots of things that can go wrong with them when they’re not powered sufficiently. They could be too dim, too bright, flickering, or erratically switching between dim and overly bright. This is going to make driving in the dark extremely dangerous, so you’ll have to avoid night driving until you fix your vehicle.

3. Battery Issues

The battery may appear to die when your alternator is having problems charging it. You’ll try to turn on your vehicle, but nothing will happen, and you need someone to jumpstart you. Unfortunately, your vehicle won’t stay on if you’re having an alternator problem, and you’ll need a tow truck to take you to the dealer. You’ll only be able to drive again after your alternator is repaired.

Your vehicle may stay on after it’s jumpstarted, though, and this indicates that the problem lies with your battery instead. You should get your battery checked out, but your alternator is usually going to be fine. In some cases, you may be having a problem with both parts, so getting both checked out would be a wise decision to make.

4. Stalling Issues

spark plugs

If you’re having an issue with stalling, then the alternator likely isn’t powering your spark plugs enough to keep the engine running. You’re going to keep stalling on your journeys until the alternator is fixed. Stalling can stress out your vehicle and put you in danger, so you should avoid driving until you get your problem dealt with.

Eventually, you may find that you can’t start your vehicle at all after a period of frequent stalling, and that’s a sign that your spark plugs aren’t getting any power from the alternator at all.

5. Growling Issues

If your vehicle seems to be growling, then it’s a sign that you have mechanical issues, and some of those issues may lie with your alternator. All new noises that your vehicle makes should alarm you, as your vehicle doing this is rarely normal. Have a qualified technician check your vehicle over as soon as possible.

These signs are alarming, but everything will be fine with the help of a qualified technician. Visit Gary Crossley Ford to get your alternator fixed today.



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