Ford Alignment Services

Your Ford was designed with wheels that were precisely angled to provide maximum quality in your drive.

When Your Ford Needs Wheel Alignment Service, Come to Gary Crossley Ford in Kansas City, MO

Your Ford truck, SUV, van, or car is a remarkable vehicle designed to deliver a smooth, comfortable, and safe drive. Misaligned wheels can mess with all of this, making your driving experience dangerous and uncomfortable. When your Ford needs wheel alignment service, we invite you to come to Gary Crossley Ford, serving Liberty and Gladstone, Missouri. Take a look at this page to learn more about our wheel alignment services, and then stop by Gary Crossley Ford!

  • Two-Wheel Alignment – Two-wheel alignment or front-end alignment is commonly used for two-wheel-drive vehicles and 4×4 models with a solid rear axle.
  • Four-Wheel Alignment – All-wheel alignment is commonly needed on all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models with independent rear suspension.

Ford Alignment Services

Symptoms of Misaligned Wheels

If your wheels are not properly aligned, you may experience:

  • Pulling to one side or the other as you drive
  • A crooked steering wheel
  • The need to constantly correct course as you drive.

If you ignore these for long enough, you may also have to deal with unevenly worn tires. However, your vehicle can be misaligned before it shows apparent symptoms like these, which is why we recommend regular alignment inspection at Gary Crossley Ford.

Why Does My Vehicle Need Wheel Alignment Service?

Your wheels will slowly be knocked out of alignment as time goes by. Hitting big potholes, going over curbs, or being in fender benders will make this happen faster, but even the bumps and jolts of daily driving can cause your wheels to become misaligned over time. When you bring your vehicle to Gary Crossley Ford for wheel alignment service, our technicians will check the suspension elements and the three main angles of your wheels: the camber, toe, and caster angles. Camber and toe angles refer to the tilt of the wheels when viewed from the front or rear (camber) or the top or bottom (toe), while caster angle measures the distance between a vertical line and the steering axis. Our technicians will use precision instruments to realign the wheels if any of these angles are out of whack.


Alignment Services



Schedule Wheel Alignment Service at Gary Crossley Ford, Serving Kearney and North Kansas City, MO

When your Ford is due for wheel alignment service, you can give us a call or use our online service scheduler. We look forward to seeing you at Gary Crossley Ford!

Complimentary Gary Crossley Ford Amenities

We operate a certified Ford service center dedicated to Ford service excellence with maximum customer convenience, value, and satisfaction. Operating a certified Ford service center requires significant investments in the best resources, including a team of factory-trained and certified technicians who become Ford service experts from intensive training and daily hands-on skills development, a state-of-the-art facility with high-tech diagnostics, computerized equipment, and specialized tools, and an on-site Ford parts department with genuine OEM parts backed by a Ford warranty, guaranteeing the perfect fit, expected performance, and material quality/durability. We have a comfortable customer lounge area, where you can relax as we quickly and conveniently complete service according to factory specifications.

  • Comfortable Waiting Area
  • Coffee & Beverages

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